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48 techniques (part I)

Posted by on in Karate
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nose smash with a fist

This is very basic karate technique. One should keep in mind that this punch is not same as punch in sport karate.In modern karate it is very often used for thrust to opponent trunk, however this is not very effective in self-defense. In old karate fist is aimed at opponents nose.

Tips: Grab opponent’s arm and pull it. This is called hiki-te. You will control your opponent and make your strike much more powerful.

Reference kata: Seisan




Kick to groinsKinteki geri is performed always with your front leg. It is fast and accurate, whipping kick.

Tips: Step a side and grab opponent’s arm for better control.

Reference kata: Seisan, Kushanku, Anan

knife-hand to opponents throat


Knife hand is one of primary and most effective weapons of old okinawa karate. This technique is can be very dangerous when aimed at opponents throat. Also, this strike can be used to smash opponents face and limbs.

Tips: Parry opponents attack with your other hand and counterattack simultaneously.

Reference kata: Kushanku

eye gouge


In self-defense, you can easily gouge opponents eyes with your fingers. This is done with your front hand, because you can cover more space with your front hand.

Tips: Don’t be stiff. This technique does not require any power. Speed and accuracy are all you need.

Reference kata: Passai, Kushanku

knee smash


Knee is one of most formidable weapons of karate. You don’t need too much practice to understand its use.Knee is used to smash opponents groin and sometimes, depending of situation, when aimed at opponent head it will easily knock him down.

Tips: You must use your hands (hiki-te) to control and pull opponent into knee smash. Without your hands hiza geri is almost useless.

Reference kata: Passai

elbow smash


Elbow and knee are best used in close distance. This is prime weapon if stronger opponent tries to grab you. Knee and elbow can be very devastating with very little practice. Elbow strikes are very powerful. It is used to smash opponents face or to break his ribs.

Tips: You must use your rear hand to pull and control your opponent. Hiki-te is most important here. Do not use your whole forearm to smash. Focus all your power at the elbow top (olecranon).

Reference kata: Passai, Kushanku, Anan



This is similar technique. It is used as defense against attack from behind. Grab your opponent arm and smash his ribs with your elbow.

Tips: You should remember that all elbow techniques require good stance. If you have firm stance, you will be able to focus all your mass into this strike.

Reference kata: Kururunfa



This technique is not very well understood today. Your wrist must be relaxed. All power is generated through whipping motion. Strike is always aimed at opponent nose and upper lip.This technique is very effective in close distance.

Tips: It is mistake to use entire flat surface of backfist. You should use your knuckles as point of contact.

Reference kata: Passai, Kushanku

palm smash


Palm strike to opponents face is very effective. You should always use your rear hand to parry attack.

Tips: This is very quick technique. Point here is to smash opponents nose.

Reference kata: Anan, Seisan


throat grab


In many cases, this technique is shown as variation of palm strike in kata.

Tips: Instead of throat you can easely grab his hair, ear or press your thumb under his chin.

Reference kata: Anan, Seisan & Kushanku

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